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The Somali Health Board (SHB) is a public, non-profit 501(c)3 grassroots organization, formed in 2012 by Somali health professionals and volunteers concerned about the health disparities that disproportionately affect new immigrants and refugees within King County, with ambitious goals of eliminating and reducing health disparities. It is a voluntarily run organization that depends on the generous time and efforts of working Somali health professionals and friends of the SHB.


The Somali Health Board's mission is to reduce health disparities of the Somali immigrants and refugees and to and improve health outcomes within the communities by:
- Advocating for and ensuring culturally/religiously appropriate and relevant policies and services within the health systems
- Developing and implementing meaningful partnership with the health systems
- Developing mutual education for providers and community leaders


The Somali Health Board envisions partnership and collaboration in which the health systems and service providers work together with the Somali communities and Somali health professionals to promote positive health outcomes.


  • To create a forum to build relationships between health systems (hospitals, - -community health centers, public health), services (food banks, housing ) and the wider Somali community
  • To identify key health conditions, concerns and questions impacting the community
  • To identify and address systems issues that impact access and the Somali experience of the health care and treatment
  • To provide opportunities for mutual learning and education
  • To act as an advisory group to offer recommendations to health and governmental systems to better serve the Somali population throughout the state
  • To create a space for Somali health professionals to work together
  • To empower, mentor and guide the youth to pursue health related careers