Currently at Seattle Public Schools, Shukri is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Race to the Top Deep Dive 3 Building Blocks: Investing in Students, Families, and Community grant. This includes; developing a refined shared dataset, managing the governing structure, facilitating data sharing agreements with partners, as well as supporting alignment of services and programs within New Holly and the 5 focus schools in the Southeast region of Seattle. She feels fortunate to be working with the Seattle Public Schools and coordinating this new partnership model and hopeful that this will improve the academic achievement of our African and African American students. Formally with the Seattle Housing Authority, She feels a close connection to New Holly as it’s one of the family communities she’s worked in previously. She joined the Somali Health Board which is based in the New Holly community to be able to give back and connect her community with much needed health services. She is proud to be on a board with like-minded, and passionate people who care about others and have a deep sense of justice. In her spare time, she enjoys being a mother of two children, reading, as well as travelling.